We’re a cannabis brand dedicated to delivering CBD-dominant cannabis. And just like you, we couldn’t find a product that delivered on all the soft comforts of balanced cannabis, without compromise. And we knew there had to be others out there looking for products to harness simple pleasures and sensational experiences.

Orchid CBD Runtz family shot

CBD Runtz

Enjoy lush, premium cannabis that deliver wonderfully rich flavors and surprisingly sticky buds for a CBD-dominant strain. Our CBD Runtz dried flower is hang-dried, slow-cured in curing barrels, and hand-trimmed for final packaging in air-tight tin cans for ultimate freshness. Meanwhile, our CBD Runtz pre-rolls are produced with nothing but whole buds which have been consistently ground to deliver rich flavors and wrapped in premium RAW organic hemp cones.


CBD Runtz

CBD : 10-18%
THC : 5-13%
Terpenes : 2-5%
Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene


Calming sensation with limited effect on lucidity.

Aromas & Terpenes

CBD Runtz is filled with a diverse richness of terpenes. It provides a deeply calming and uplifting experience, which both relaxes and provides a sense of inspiration and creativity. The abundance of terpenes found in this genetic give it a fruity, incredibly sweet aroma. These aromas blend while enjoying CBD Runtz, offering a saccharine smell and an incredibly candy-like flavor.

Available in

3.5g and 5 x 0.5g pre-rolls

What we believe

We believe in being the better choice for consumers looking for premium, CBD-dominant cannabis, grown in safe conditions that come from a trusted source. That’s why we hold ourselves to a higher standard of quality and transparency. We also believe that cannabis experiences should be fun and invigorating for all your senses.

Our cannabis

Rare CBD-dominant genetics
Hang-dried, slow-cured
Air tight & eco friendly packaging

About Us

We’re committed to delivering premium indoor-grown CBD-dominant cannabis. Experience rare genetics that are hang-dried, slow-cured in curing barrels and hand-trimmed for your full enjoyment of mother nature’s best.

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